Awesome site with thousands of books and book reviews.
Another great site to find your next book.
Quite possibly, the world's fastest-growing literary community.

Great place to find every book ever written. Link goes to my info.

Echoic Magazine

Excellent literary magazine, with tons of interviews. Being entirely self-centered, link goes to the March 2017 issue in which I appeared.

Online database of every author on the planet, give or take.

Uvi Poznansky

Incredible writer, and the kind of blogger I wish I could be, Uvi Poznansky interviewed me in early 2017. Such an awesome talent.

Armcast Podcast
It was a dream come true when the great Armand Rosamilia had me on his Armcast Podcast. It's a fun show with loads of helpful advice for all writers.
Deadman's Tome
I had an absolute blast on the DeadmansTome podcast. It was scheduled for 90 minutes, but we were all having such a good time that I stuck around for a couple more podcast later that week. I'm pretty sure we were being haunted, but Mr Deadman denies it. You be the judge. If you look close, you'll see me on other days as well. Hey, someone's gotta class the joint up, right?
PDI Podcast
A great podcast by a truly awesome and original host, Mark Dewayne Combs. Public Displays of Imagination focusses on books and writers, and Mark asks the kind of questions that no one else could possibly dream up. 
Zombie Tour 2017
This blog tour lasted all November, and I was honoured to be a part of it. Lots of sneak peeks, blogs, and even a brand new story penned by some of the best zombie writers in the business.
APNTV Media Group
If you haven't seen APNTV, you're missing out. I was invited on the show shortly after Stage 3 came out, and I had a blast. Great hosts Michelle Meiring and Bob Beadles welcomed me with open arms, and whatever genius there was at the editing desk made me look almost human. I very much look forward to my next visit in January '18.
Emit Blackwell

Emit Blackwell is one of the best podcasters in the business and a superbly talented voice-over actor. He invited me on his show and lent his magnificent voice to reading an excerpt from Arcadia Falls. 


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