Book reviews, interviews, and even a few short stories that floated their way through her cranium. D.M. Newlun honoured me two great interviews, and wrote a pretty kick-ass review for Stage 3 and Stage 3: Alpha.
Awesome site with thousands of books and book reviews.
Another great site to find your next book.
Quite possibly, the world's fastest-growing literary community.

Great place to find every book ever written. Link goes to my info.

Echoic Magazine

Excellent literary magazine, with tons of interviews. Being entirely self-centered, link goes to the March 2017 issue in which I appeared.

Online database of every author on the planet, give or take.

Uvi Poznansky

Incredible writer, and the kind of blogger I wish I could be, Uvi Poznansky interviewed me in early 2017. Such an awesome talent.

Armcast Podcast
It was a dream come true when the great Armand Rosamilia had me on his Armcast Podcast. It's a fun show with loads of helpful advice for all writers.